Tuesday 12 November 2013

PHP libxml Introduction

The libxml functions and constants are used together with SimpleXML, XSLT and DOM functions.


These functions require the libxml package. Download at xmlsoft.org

PHP libxml Functions

PHP: indicates the earliest version of PHP that supports the function.
Function Description PHP
libxml_clear_errors() Clear libxml error buffer 5
libxml_get_errors() Retrieve array of errors 5
libxml_get_last_error() Retrieve last error from libxml 5
libxml_set_streams_context() Set the streams context for the next libxml document load or write 5
libxml_use_internal_errors() Disable libxml errors and allow user to fetch error information as needed 5

PHP libxml Constants

Function Description PHP
LIBXML_COMPACT Set small nodes allocation optimization. This may improve the application performance 5
LIBXML_DTDATTR Set default DTD attributes 5
LIBXML_DTDLOAD Load external subset 5
LIBXML_DTDVALID Validate with the DTD 5
LIBXML_NOBLANKS Remove blank nodes 5
LIBXML_NOCDATA Set CDATA as text nodes 5
LIBXML_NOEMPTYTAG Change empty tags (e.g. <br/> to <br></br>), only available in the DOMDocument->save() and DOMDocument->saveXML() functions 5
LIBXML_NOENT Substitute entities 5
LIBXML_NOERROR Do not show error reports 5
LIBXML_NONET Stop network access while loading documents 5
LIBXML_NOWARNING Do not show warning reports 5
LIBXML_NOXMLDECL Drop the XML declaration when saving a document 5
LIBXML_NSCLEAN Remove excess namespace declarations 5
LIBXML_XINCLUDE Use XInclude substitution 5
LIBXML_ERR_ERROR Get recoverable errors 5
LIBXML_ERR_FATAL Get fatal errors 5
LIBXML_ERR_NONE Get no errors 5
LIBXML_ERR_WARNING Get simple warnings 5
LIBXML_VERSION Get libxml version (e.g. 20605 or 20617) 5
LIBXML_DOTTED_VERSION Get dotted libxml version (e.g. 2.6.5 or 2.6.17) 5


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